Happy, RELAXED, Beautiful Girl
Fear of dentist gone for my daughter. My young-adult (24) daughter fainted, hit her head and broke off her front tooth late Friday afternoon. After 911 medic encounter, we were sent to urgent care, who then sent us to emergency to get a thorough check. Everything was fine, except for the tooth, of course. We were advised that we needed to get to a dentist within 24 hours, or the risk of infection or other complications would rise dramatically. This was very alarming to my daughter who has a significant fear of dentist visits, and who hadn’t seen a dentist in approximately 7 years because of that fear. She had no relationship with any dentist, so we were left to find someone who would take her as a new patient. By that time it was 9 PM and nothing could be done until the morning. So, Saturday morning we set about finding a dentist that was open. She could not go to my dentist, because they only take emergencies if you are already a patient. Not a lot of dentists have Saturday hours. My daughter found a couple of them in Kent….one dentist who didn’t even have website to be able to check him out, and the other was a chain franchise dentist. I was not happy with either of those options. I searched on “emergency dentists” for our home town, Issaquah, and found Dr. Wu’s website. I was impressed with what I read, so I called the front desk. The customer service I received on the phone was wonderful. They answered the phone on first ring, were compassionate, listened, reassured me, and best of all worked us into the schedule for a noon appointment. Long story short, my daughter walked into Dr Wu’s practice with an incredible amount of anxiety built up, and by the end of the long day, she had had a root canal and a crown, and she walked out calm, happy, (beautiful), stating that she no longer feared the dentist as long as it was Dr Wu and her staff. As a mom, I am thrilled that from now on I can trust that my young-adult daughter will take care of her teeth for the rest of her life. She is no longer afraid. Thank you, Dr Wu and team, for being there for us, for giving her amazingly skilled, professional, compassionate, calming care, and for changing my daughter’s perspective on care for a very important part of her lifelong health. (See end result photo….happy, RELAXED, beautiful girl. :))

patient with dental anxiety

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