Cleanest Dentistry

This was by far the cleanest Dentistry I’ve ever been too. Very tastefully decorated office that is open and inviting for patients. It definitely helps to relieve the anxieties usually associated with going to the dentist since most people probably don’t enjoy the experience of having someone probe around inside their mouth with sharp medieval tools. All kidding aside, this is a great place to have your dental procedures done by a very professional and caring individual. Dr. Diana will Wu you with her knowledge and skills and quickly get the job done. There’s no small talk while your mouth is full of dental equipment which is definitely a plus since nobody wants to see you drooling and talking at the same time. As far as location and parking is concerned, the office is located close to the new Talus development which is pretty accessible to the rest of Issaquah and parking is a breeze since whoever built the medical business center had the foresight to provide ample covered parking for those rainy Pacific Northwest days. While Issaquah Premier Dental is a relatively new practice, Dr. Wu is a very experienced dentist you can rely on to do an exceptional job. Also they have weekend hours available for folks who are just too busy to visit their favorite place in the world on the weekdays. So if you’re in the area or just in search of a new practice I’d give this place a shot. Worst case is that you’ll get a shot back too…of novocaine.

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