My teeth have found a home

It’s time for me to leave a review. I’ve been holding it in, because I wanted to write an honest review based on several interactions with this business. So here goes nothing – I’ve been a patient here for over a year now. Which means I’ve come in for 2 cleanings at the least (well if you’re one of those people who does get year twice yearly cleanings). And as of today I had 5 fillings done and a baby wisdom tooth extracted. I have weak enamel and poor flossing routines – please don’t judge. 🙂 I remember my first visit here. I had received a flyer in the mail for yet another new dental office. Get a free sonic care and come in. So I took the bite. I’m in my late 30s and because I have genetically weak teeth enamel, I see a lot of dentists for my fillings…a lot of dentists. And with each new company that I work for, new insurance, I end up going to a new dentist. Just in the last 5 years I can count 4 different dentists. Their offices here are clean and modern. You get to watch TV with headphones – so I watch Netflix. I got my free sonic care. So all the marketing is real and the facility is clean. But to the meat of the review, where it matters. Dr. Diana is legit. She is non-judgmental, friendly, warm, calm and professional. She’s very thorough and extremely efficient. Her front office and her support staff are all very kind, accommodating and just a pleasure to speak with. What led me to finally put in this review was because I was waiting on a real procedure. Anyone can do preventative care, i mean it’s deep cleaning, flossing and polishing. She’s the first dentist in a long line of them that actually and successfully matched the filings with the shade of my teeth. After she completed the work and handed me the mirror, I couldn’t tell which teeth she worked on. She managed to get 5 filings and a baby wisdom tooth extracted in an hour. And her work was flawless. BTW, she works with children as well and she’s pretty good at it. My 2 year old daughter on her first visit came out smiling. I think my teeth have found a home here. Thank you Dr. Wu and staff. Keep up the great work!

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