You will be in awe!
If you have ever been to a dentist, you will be in awe about how extraordinary Issaquah Premier Dental is. 1. Reception and administrative staff are all super nice, effective and efficient. 2. The facilities are very modern, and all the equipment is state-of-the-art. They have the latest technology. Period. You will be having your dental work done, while watching anything you want in NETFLIX, HULU, etc. on a high-definition screen with great headphones. The experience was so comfortable, that I was sad when my work was done. 3. The hygienist and medical assistants are helpful, positive, upbeat and knowledgeable. They make you feel great. 4. Dr. Wu is AMAZING. She was trained by the BEST, and her technical abilities are extraordinary. For example, she has a numbing technique that works like magic, is super quick, and ultimately there is NO PAIN. Her fillings are virtually invisible, and her ultimate goal is for her patients to save all their teeth. Yay!!! Fortunately, she accepts medical insurance and the staff clearly communicates what out-of-pocket expenses might be (before any procedure is done); this, you are not surprised by crazy bills later. Also they communicate CLEARLY, what your insurance covers, etc. Definitely, the BEST!

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