Equipment are all new

I would not call this a review. I am not a dental clinic expert, nor I visit different dental clinic every week. This would be a testimonial of my experience in IPD. You know that high pitched sound you hear when your teeth is being cleaned? It’s from that tool, which I would describe as a “drill like” tool because I can feel something spinning when it touches my tooth. For me that sound is torture, like i’m in some prison in Siberia being interrogated as to why I did not floss. But in IPD, I don’t hear that excruciating sound. I was already bracing myself to an intense ear and head pain when I felt the spinning but there was nothing. It’s just a spinning sound, no high pitch. I don’t know if it has to do with a special equipment or maybe the dentist have gentle hands. But not hearing that crippling high pitch sound, that’s a 5 star for me. Oh and I feel like im in 2017 in this clinic. Equipment are all new, smells new. Nothing of those white plastic equipment that turned yellowish from time. The X-ray machine sounds like R2D2. There’s a tiny camera probing your teeth and displaying it on the Samsung monitor in front of you. You can even watch Netflix while you’re on the chair!

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