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Teeth Whitening

Would you like to get a brighter, beautiful and confident smile? There are different methods to whiten your teeth. For example, There are take-home trays, custom-made bleaching trays, and in-office whitening. Therefore, we first recommend a consultation with Dr. Wu, to identify and administer the best teeth whitening option for you here in Issaquah.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great long-term option to replace missing teeth, and restore function and esthetics. You can get your smile back and replace a missing tooth with a professionally placed implant. This method of replacing a missing tooth is one of the more reliable options as implants are versatile and last for a long time.  Book your consultation with Dr. Wu to see whether an implant is right for you.

Teeth Straightening – Orthodontics

Do you have crooked or crowded teeth that have spacing issues? Is your bite improper? You can improve your teeth appearance and function by moving them into their proper position. As an Invisalign® Dentist, Dr. Wu offers advanced treatments using invisible braces for added comfort. If you are unhappy with the way your teeth look, book an appointment today with your trusted cosmetic dentist, Dr. Wu, to explore your options for a smile makeover.

Invisalign Provider - Dr. Diana Wu
Cosmetic Dentist in Issaquah Consulting Her Patient about Smile Makeover

Dental Veneers

Natural teeth often have imperfections, cracks or discolorations. Veneers are thin porcelain shells that can be bonded onto your teeth to improve its appearance. Veneers enhance shape, color, size and/or length of your teeth for a more beautiful smile. Generally, this cosmetic procedure takes 2 visits to complete.

Dental Crowns

Oftentimes, when the loss of tooth structure is significant enough or the tooth is cracked, repairing the tooth with a simple filling is no longer viable. In these instances, restoring the tooth using a dental crown is the ideal choice of treatment to protect the tooth, prevent further damage and restore function. Different materials can be used such as porcelain, porcelain-metal combination, or gold.

Teeth Bonding

Dental bonding offers a cost-effective and fast solution for chipped, cracked, decayed, discolored or misshapen teeth. With this method, a tooth-colored resin material is used to match the color of your teeth and restore them to their natural shape. Usually, this cosmetic dentistry procedure is done in one visit.

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