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Functional care in dentistry focuses on helping patients improve their overall well-being rather than just treating the symptoms of dental problems

What is Functional Care in Dentistry?

Traditional dentistry is often used to treat dental problems and provide preventive care, but it doesn’t always go far enough. Conversely, a functional dentist considers patients’ physical and overall well-being while treating their dental needs. When you receive dental care from your Issaquah Dentist Dr. Wu, she considers your general health first and then offers a treatment plan that is in-line with your unique health condition. She might also discuss dietary and supplementary at-home care tips to help enhance your healthy lifestyle. We strive our best to offer a highly personalized dental care and become your functional wellness partner.

For example, during our comprehensive dental examination Dr. Wu might recommend having your existing mercury fillings removed and replaced with safer materials to lower risks to your teeth that might show up several years from now. We believe in long term partnership so you stay healthy and haply for many years to come.

What Do Functional Dentists do?

Functional dentists use materials that do not contain potentially toxic chemicals or other substances. For example, the materials used in crowns and other restorations are typically BPA-free, which means they lack potentially harmful bisphenol A, to help provide patients concerned about these chemicals with some peace of mind. Functional dentists do not use mercury fillings (silver colored amalgam) as toxicity of mercury is a source of concern for some patients. Instead they use innovative tools and materials that are as effective and with less side-effects.

Should I Remove Mercury Fillings?

The short answer is yes! There have been long debates and numerous studies on this subject. FDA recommends high-risk individuals like pregnant women avoid getting mercury fillings. To ensure our patients’ peace of mind we are a mercury-free office and use more expensive natural-colored material at no additional cost to you. Aside from their toxicity, mercury fillings are known to cause breakage in the tooth. Dr. Wu recommends the removal of mercury fillings to prevent possible damage to your teeth due to the cracks caused by these fillings. Thus, if you have mercury fillings, it is highly recommended for you to consider having them removed and replaced with safer materials.
If you’re concerned about these potential risks, Dr. Wu can take your mercury fillings out and replace them with a mercury-free material that can last and appear more natural.

What are the Benefits of Functional Dentistry?

Dr. Wu’s focus on functional dentistry means that she determines treatment options based on what will help heal your whole body and compatible with your overall health.

Functional dentistry emphasizes the importance of healing patients as a whole instead of only treating specific symptoms. This kind of dentistry involves considering the biological sources of dental problems, such as tooth decay, for more effective treatment and a lower risk of having these problems occur again.

Functional Dentist Services

List of Functional Dentistry Services

  • Comprehensive Functional Examination
  • Mercury-free Fillings
  • Low Radiation Digital X-rays
  • BPA-free Equipment and Materials
  • Non-invasive Orthodontics (Invisalign)
  • Sleep Apnea and Bruxism Treatment
  • TMJ Treatment

Can Functional Care Improve my Health?

Functional dentistry includes advice on other areas of your life that could affect your dental health, which helps you maintain healthy teeth and gums while also improving your general health and well-being.
Functional dentists often provide advice on nutrition, since there’s a robust connection between your diet and your oral health. In fact, Dr. Wu might discuss your nutrition with you and provide you with information on foods to avoid and foods to include in your diet for healthier teeth and lifestyle.

If you need more information on functional dentistry, feel free to contact Issaquah Premier Dental, in Issaquah, Washington, to set up an appointment with Dr. Wu.

Testimonials from Patients

Dr Wu is wonderful. She developed a comprehensive plan for me that addressed my overall bite issues, rather than waiting for me to just crack all my teeth, one by one. Additionally, Dr Wu and her staff are all very welcoming, empathetic, and supportive. Update 4/20: The results from Dr. Wu’s plans have by far exceeded any of our expectations! Not only have my bite issues improved, but my sleep is so much better! I feel like I sleep much deeper, and wake(…)

Susan T.
Posted on:
April 20, 2019

I have been a practicing dental hygienist for 32 years. I don’t need a ton of dentistry but knew there were a couple of issues I needed to address. Working in periodontics for years I am very selective as to who is going to take care of my dental needs. From the very first telephone conversation up and to my exam I could not be more thrilled with my dental experience. I found Dr. Wu to not only be very comprehensive with a caring bed side manner but also to(…)

Laurie S.
Posted on:
November 16, 2017

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