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Holistic Dentistry

Traditional dentistry often treats dental problems and provide preventive care, but it doesn’t always go far enough. Holistic dentistry focuses on helping patients improve their overall well-being rather than just treating the symptoms of dental problems. At Issaquah Premier Dental, Dr. Diana Wu provides holistic dental care for patients in Issaquah, Washington. Learn More 

Dental Fillings

Your teeth are exposed to a multitude of challenges on a daily basis. This includes acidity in diet, bacteria, trauma, and wear from grinding/clenching. A dental filling is a way to restore the tooth to its natural shape and form. Tooth colored fillings are used to closely match the shade of your tooth making the restoration look natural.


Orofacial Pain Treatment

If you are suffering from pain in your mouth, face, and jaws we can help you manage your pain through advanced techniques. Dr. Wu is certified by The American Academy of Facial Esthetics to administer Botox® injections in order to alleviate various types of pain including headaches, TMJ, oral and facial. Book your appointment today to explore your options.

Sedation Dentistry

At Issaquah Premier Dental, Dr. Diana Wu offers sedation dentistry for patients who are nervous about dental appointments. If you feel anxious about having to “endure” dental work, you will be more likely to make and keep your dental appointments when you anticipate that laughing gas will relax you during the procedures. Learn More 

Tooth & Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Dentists try to preserve patients’ teeth as often as possible, but in some cases, extraction is the only option. You might need your tooth pulled if you have specific conditions that put your oral health at risk. Wisdom teeth can cause various issues in your mouth affecting your oral health. Dr. Wu provides simple removal or surgical extraction for more complicated cases. Learn More 

Oral Cancer Screening

As part of our holistic approach to our patients’ health, we offer advanced cancer screening to help identify issues early on. In addition to the visual checks, we also offer FidaLab test that checks inaccessible areas of the mouth and can detect the risk of oropharyngeal cancer like throat cancer.

Exams & Digital X-Rays

Whether it’s your first visit or it’s time for your routine checkup Dr. Wu will carefully examine the state of your oral health. This generally entails x-ray examination to identify possible hidden issues and to prescribe the best treatment plan to maintain the health of your teeth and mouth.

dental exam

Dental Cleanings

Good oral hygiene is essential for healthy teeth and mouth. You can keep your teeth clean and free of plaque and cavities by having regular dental cleanings done. We recommend a cleaning session every six months for patients with normal healthy gums.

Root Canal

When tooth decay is unattended, the bacteria penetrates deep into the tooth and into the nerve, which causes infection and swelling the tooth undergoes irreversible damage. A root canal treatment is then needed to clean out the infection and fill the space to prevent bacteria from re-infecting the tooth. Root canal treatment allows the tooth to remain in place instead of being removed. Learn More 

Mouth Guard

Whether you grind your teeth while sleeping, or participate in sports, your teeth are at risk of damage. Wearing a mouthguard either at night or while practicing or playing a game helps protect them from trauma and lowers your risk of other problems. At Issaquah Premier Dental, Dr. Diana Wu offers night guards and sports guards for children and adults.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder that is caused by breathing problems during sleep. Sleep apnea occurs when breathing is repeatedly interrupted during sleep. Due to its nature and effect on body’s oxygen intake it can lead to serious medical problem and complications. Your dentist is your first point of contact to help diagnose and then treat your sleep apnea. Book an appointment with Dr. Wu to explore your treatment options.  Learn More 

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