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Discuss your dental concerns or issues with a dentist virtually through a live or recorded audio/video meeting


Get Expert Second Opinion


Cosmetic Dentistry Advice

Treatment Plan Review

Why Book Virtual Consultation with Dr. Wu?

Advanced Online Dental Profile

Our fully digital dental office system allows you to complete a comprehensive and state-of-the-art dental history profile prior to your meeting

Virtual Video Meeting

After completing your dental history profile and its review by Dr. Wu you will meet with her live using Google Meet for an informative session

Advice from Award-winning Dentist

You can now get expert advice from a top-rated dentist who is known for her attention to detail and dental care excellence

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Online Dentist Virtual Dental Consultation

Online Dentist, Dr. Diana Wu DDS provides fully remote virtual consultation sessions to patients like you with different needs from the comfort of your own home. This service can include the following:

  • Review of Dental History
  • Cosmetic Dentistry Advice (Smile Makeover, Whitening, etc.)
  • Answer Questions About Relevant Dental Issues
  • Oral Care Advice for Better Dental & Overall Health
  • Offer Second Opinion on a Treatment Plan
  • Help Educate Patient on Proper Dental Care
  • Assess Patient’s Current Issues and Needs
  • Offer Guidance to Patients with Dental Anxiety
  • Determine whether you need to visit a dentist during the COVID-19 pandemic (i.e. high risk patients)

Virtual Dental Consultation Use Cases

With Virtual or Online Care, Dr. Wu can help you with education, instruction, advice, and counselling on various dental concerns. For example, our Online Dentist can help you determine your level of pain or urgency of your issue. As a Holistic Dentist, Dr. Wu can help you understand how and what treatments would benefit your oral and overall health.

Limitations of Online Care

Despite its various use cases virtual care or teledentistry is NOT a replacement for in-person dental visits. In particular, when you have dental emergencies you should seek immediate care by visiting a local dentist or an emergency room.

Cost of Teledentistry

The fee for our virtual dental consultation can range between $75 to $150. The final cost depends on whether you have dental insurance and how much of this service is covered by your individual plan. Feel free to contact us if you’d like more information about the pricing of teledentistry.

Online Dentist

How Does Virtual Consultation Work?

  1. Book your online dentist appointment using our online scheduling system
  2. Register then fill out your online dental history profile (Link will be sent after booking your appointment)
  3. Join the video call on the day and time of your appointment to meet and chat with Dr. Wu

Please note that it is vital for you to complete your dental profile a day before your meeting time. The information you provide there is needed to offer you an informative and high-quality online care on the day of your appointment.

dentist online appointment booking

Virtual Dentist

Dr. Wu’s dental care philosophy along with advanced tech enables us to offer you seamless virtual dental services.

Book Your Virtual Visit

You can conveniently book your virtual appointment using our online scheduling platform for a time that works with your schedule.

Have Questions?

If you have concerns or questions about tooth removal or your wisdom teeth, feel free to discuss them with Dr. Wu and her team.