Sedation Dentistry

We offer Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas) to help patients relax and reduce their anxiety during the procedures 

Sedation Dentistry

Being nervous about dental visits, especially if you need dental work done, is understandable. However, this anxiety can cause you to put off critical dental visits that help keep your teeth and gums healthy. Doing so can lead to serious dental problems which need immediate care. At Issaquah Premier Dental, Dr. Diana Wu, offers sedation dentistry for patients who are nervous about dental appointments.

What does laughing gas (nitrous oxide) do?

Laughing gas doesn’t make you unconscious as general anesthesia does. Instead, you can expect to enter a calm and relaxed state while Dr. Wu does an exam and cleaning or performs dental work. You’ll be aware of what’s going on, but you won’t feel the usual discomfort or experience anxiety.

Is dental sedation safe?

The use of laughing gas for sedation dentistry is considered safe for many patients. Keep in mind that you won’t be unconscious while using it, so there’s less risk involved compared to general anesthesia.

When your dental work is complete, Dr. Wu’s dental team makes sure you’re fully conscious and coherent before you leave the office.

Benefits of sedation dentistry

If you feel anxious about having to “endure” dental work, you will be more likely to make and keep your dental appointments when you anticipate that laughing gas will relax you during the procedures.  

Additionally, laughing gas makes you more relaxed during your routine exams and cleanings. When you’re calm during your appointments, it’s easier for Dr. Wu and her team to examine your teeth and gums, clean them, or perform other necessary dental procedures.

How is sedation dentistry performed?

When you choose sedation dentistry, you’ll breathe in laughing gas while Dr. Wu’s dental team monitors you. That helps ensure that you’re perfectly safe while using laughing gas.

The dental team will stay with you before, during, and after dental procedures to make sure that you’re comfortable.

sedation dentistry

Should I use dental sedation?

Sedation can help those who have trouble going to a dentist. However, you don’t have to try sedation dentistry when you come in for dental visits at Issaquah Premier Dental. Sedation Dentistry is just an option to consider if you’re nervous about your dental visits. If you are still unsure feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you 🙂

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