Wisdom Teeth Removal

Need to remove wisdom teeth or need to pull a tooth that can’t be saved? We can help you make the right decision and have the extraction with minimal pain.

Do you offer wisdom teeth removal (Oral Surgery)?

Absolutely! We offer the following wisdom teeth removal services to our patients:

  1. Simple Extraction for wisdom teeth that have broken through the gum
  2. Surgical Extraction for impacted wisdom teeth that for some reason did not break through your gum

What are the reasons for tooth extractions?

Dentists try to preserve patients’ teeth as often as possible, but in some cases, extraction is the only option. You might need your tooth pulled if you have specific conditions that put your oral health at risk. While this might not sound pleasant, Dr. Diana Wu offers sedation dentistry and other options to help you feel more comfortable with this procedure.

You might end up needing to have one or more teeth pulled if you have any of the following conditions:

  • A severely damaged or decayed tooth that puts you at risk of infection
  • Infected teeth that a root canal can’t save
  • Advanced gum (Periodontal) disease that has loosened teeth and infected surrounding gum tissue or bone
  • Crowding in your mouth, which can affect jaw alignment
  • Normal wisdom teeth or impacted teeth (including wisdom teeth) that haven’t broken through your gums

Do tooth extraction dentists use anesthesia (sedation)?

As your oral surgeon, Dr. Wu provides you with a local anesthetic to numb the area so that you don’t feel anything during the extraction procedure.

If desired and safe, Dr. Wu might offer sedation dentistry, so that you will be relaxed and by being semi-conscious during the extraction process. If you’re having more than one tooth pulled, she might use both nitrous oxide and local anesthesia.

    What happens during a tooth extraction?

    After administering anesthesia, Dr. Wu gently removes the affected tooth from your mouth.

    If you’re having impacted teeth removed, this involves cutting into the gum to reach these teeth. Dr. Wu will place a gauze pad over the affected area to help with bleeding. You might also have stitches that dissolve on their own.

    How long does pain last after tooth extraction?

    For healthy individuals, it generally takes one to two weeks for the area to heal and the pain subsides completely, although it can take longer for new tissue to grow.

    How can I minimize pain and discomfort after an extraction?

    It’s common to have some discomfort after you’ve had a tooth removed in and around the extraction site. Follow the following lists of Dos and Don’ts for faster healing and recovery.

    What to do after tooth extraction

    • Take over-the-counter pain medications (as prescribed)
    • Relax for at least 24 hours and limit your activity levels
    • Eat soft foods (e.g. soup, pudding, yogurt)
    • Rinse your mouth with our recommended rinse or salt water after 24 hours
    • Apply an ice pack to the affected area

    What NOT to do after pulling a tooth

    • Avoid using straws
    • Do not eat hard foods
    • Do not rinse your mouth vigorously
    • Do not exercise vigorously
    • Do not smoke which can slow healing
    • Do not drink hot liquids
    • Do not lie flat with your head (use a pillow)

    All of the above activities can loosen the blood clot in the socket.

    Wisdom Tooth Extraction Dentist

    What happens after extracting a tooth?

    After you have a tooth extraction, you’ll need to keep the area protected from the occurrence of dry socket, which happens if the blood clot in the empty socket comes loose. If you have a dry socket, you might need to have a dressing put on it.

    Dr. Wu might recommend installing an implant or other replacement tooth to prevent problems, such as chewing problems. These replacement teeth can also improve your appearance, especially if your missing teeth are in the front of your mouth.

    If you think you might need a tooth extraction, please contact Issaquah Premier Dental in Issaquah, Washington, to schedule an appointment with Dr. Wu.

      Testimonials from Patients

      I had a really tricky wisdom tooth that needed to be removed. The root was shaped like a fishing hook. Dr. Wu made the extraction efficiently and painlessly. The next day I had no pain or swelling at all aside from a little bit of soreness. 10/10 would have my wisdom tooth pulled by her again.


      Default Avatar75
      Verified patient
      Posted on:
      November 5, 2018

      Best dental experience I’ve had. These ladies actually make sure that the pain is gone and they’re as gentle as possible. I look forward to future treatment. Yes, I said it. I like the dentist now.


      Renee O.
      Posted on:
      January 25, 2018

      Teeth Removal Dentist

      Dr. Wu’s dental care philosophy along with advanced tech enables us to offer you a seamless tooth extraction procedure.

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